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Full List of Allview Phone Models, Smartphone Lineup and Tablet Model Range

Full List of Allview Phone Models

Allview Official Logo of the Company

Allview Mobile is a mobile manufacturer based in Romania. They primarily design and produce smartphones and tablets. Basically, one of their main points is that they can separate business from personal calls and calls from various networks at low costs.

Allview Mobile was founded in 2002, particularly in Brasov, Romania. It was initially intended to produce and sell electronic products. Six years after, Allview phones have entered the global market. In 2010, they were the first company from Romania who has launched a tablet PC. A year after, they were also the first to release a smartphone.

The huge success of Allview led to the recognition they received from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Brasov in 2011 and 2013 for their development and research activity in the past seven years. In 2011, they were recognized as the # 1 Romanian business. A year after, they were nominated for being the Most Promising Romanian brand.

Their global success reached the Wall Street when they were recognized as the most active company in the foreign stock market in 2013. Another award was given to Allview from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2014 for their trademark protection and export.

Allview phone models list

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Allview smartphones include the following models: Windows, Soul, Viper, Young, P Series, E Series, Energy, and eMagic. On their tablet division, they offer these models: Windows, 4G, 3G, and WiFi. Currently, Allview is partnered with global brands like Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote, M-Tel, Carrefour, Selgros, Media Markt, and eMag.

Allview launched their first ever Windows 10 running devices in July 2015. The first one is the Wi10N PRO which is priced at 239 euros. This tablet is running at 2GB of RAM and has a storage space of 32GB. The next one is the Wi8G which is priced at only 159 euros. This tablet is equipped with an Intel Atom processor.

Here is the complete list of all Allview phone models:

Allview X3 Soul StyleAllview X2 Soul Mini
Allview X3 Soul PlusAllview Impera M
Allview X3 Soul LiteAllview Impera S
Allview P6 Energy LiteAllview Impera i
Allview AX501QAllview A6 Quad
Allview Viva H1001 LTEAllview X2 Soul
Allview V2 Viper i4GAllview P7 Xtreme
Allview V2 Viper eAllview X1 Xtreme
Allview P6 LiteAllview V1 Viper S
Allview X3 Soul ProAllview Wi10N PRO
Allview X3 Soul miniAllview Wi8G
Allview P8 Energy ProAllview Wi7
Allview P6 eMagicAllview Viva i10G
Allview P5 eMagicAllview Viva H10 HD
Allview P4 eMagicAllview Viva H10 LTE
Allview X3 SoulAllview Viva H8 LTE
Allview X2 Soul Style + PlatinumAllview Viva H7S
Allview X2 Soul StyleAllview Viva H7 LTE
Allview X2 Soul LiteAllview Viva D8
Allview V2 Viper X+Allview AX4 Nano
Allview V2 Viper XAllview AX3 Party
Allview V2 ViperAllview Viva i8
Allview V2 Viper iAllview Viva Q7 Life
Allview P8 Energy miniAllview 3 Speed Quad HD
Allview P5 ProAllview City Life
Allview AX4 Nano PlusAllview 2 Speed Quad
Allview Viva C701Allview City+
Allview P6 ProAllview Viva H8
Allview P8 EnergyAllview Viva Q8
Allview P5 EnergyAllview Start M7
Allview E4Allview P6 Quad Plus
Allview E4 LiteAllview A5 Quad
Allview E3 LivingAllview P5 Symbol
Allview A5 EasyAllview X1 Soul Mini
Allview E2 JumpAllview X1 Soul
Allview E3 SignAllview A4 Duo
Allview P4 LifeAllview A5 Duo
Allview P5 LifeAllview H2 Qubo
Allview P6 EnergyAllview Viper i V1
Allview Viper EAllview Viper V1
Allview Viper LAllview P5 Qmax
Allview V1 Viper i4GAllview P6 Quad
Allview V1 Viper S4GAllview Simply S5
Allview X2 Soul ProAllview A4ALL
Allview W1iAllview P5 Quad
Allview W1sAllview P6 Stony
Allview X2 XtremeAllview P4 Duo
Allview P6 LifeAllview P5 Mini
Allview C5 SmileyAllview P5 AllDro
Allview C6 Quad 4GAllview P4 AllDro
Allview E2 LivingAllview P3 AllDro
Allview Twin X2Allview P2 AllDro
Allview P7 SeonAllview P1 AllDro
Allview X1 Xtreme MiniAllview L4 Class
Allview M6 Stark

Photos of Allview different types of phones

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