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Full List of Blu Phone Models, Smartphone Lineup and Tablet Model Range

Full List of Blu Phone Models

Blu official logo of the company

BLU Phones is a mobile phone designer and manufacturer founded in 2009. This American company is currently headquartered in Miami, Florida. The BLU name is actually an acronym for “Bold Like Us”. They focus on marketing low-priced phones as with their low budget when it comes to ads.

The company was founded by Samuel Ohey-Zion, a businessman and entrepreneur from Brazil. They first introduced themselves to the public at the CTIA Wireless convention in 2011.

The phones are designed primarily in the US but are manufactured in China. In 2015, they decided to move their manufacturing plant to Brazil to draw near to new markets.

Their target markets, moreover, are usually people with low income who need phones as a daily necessity. They are selling units inside the USA, China, in Western Europe. In addition, they also sell units in Costa Rica and Brazil where income is usually low.

As of today, a little over 30 million BLU phones have already been sold in up to 40 countries across all continents. Matter-of-factly, 50% of the phones sold in Central America are all BLU phones. Due to their very affordable phones, the brand got really popular in low income countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, and Brazil.

Blu list of phone models

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Software-wise, BLU phones are running in Android and Windows OS. Their Android units include the series Dash, Vivo, Life, Touchbook, Pure, Specialty, and Studio. The Dash series are their lower cost phones, the Studio series are their mid to high-end phones, and the Vivo series are their high-end phones.

Some Android phones from BLU include the Blu Studio X, and the Blu Studio G.

In June 2015, BLU released two smartphones inside the US, namely the BLU LIFE 8 XL and the BLU Life One. Two months after, BLU released two more, the Win HD LTE, and the Win Jr. LTE in Europe and India.

Here is the complete list of all BLU phone models:

Blu Vivo 5RBlu Studio G2
Blu Pure XRBlu Studio M LTE
Blu Studio G HD LTEBlu Studio C 8+8
Blu Studio C 8+8 LTEBlu Energy Diamond
Blu Diamond MBlu Energy M
Blu Neo X LTEBlu R1 HD
Blu Grand 5.5 HDBlu Energy Diamond Mini
Blu Neo X MiniBlu Dash 4.5 (2016)
Blu Studio TouchBlu Touch Book M7
Blu Dash L2Blu Energy XL
Blu Neo XLBlu Studio Selfie 2
Blu Energy JRBlu Neo X
Blu Advance 4.0 L2Blu Studio X8 HD
Blu Dash X2Blu Dash M2
Blu Studio One PlusBlu Studio X Mini
Blu Energy X LTEBlu Life Mark
Blu Studio OneBlu Life XL
Blu Dash X Plus LTEBlu Studio 5.5 HD
Blu Neo X PlusBlu Energy X 2
Blu Studio M HDBlu Studio G HD
Blu Studio C HDBlu Vivo XL
Blu Vivo 5Blu Life One X (2016)
Blu Studio G PlusBlu Dash X LTE
Blu Dash LBlu Studio 7.0 LTE
Blu Studio G LTEBlu Dash M
Blu Studio Energy 2Blu Dash X Plus
Blu Dash XBlu Energy X
Blu Vivo Air LTEBlu Pure XL
Blu Studio XLBlu Life X8
Blu Texting 2 GOBlu EZ2Go
Blu KickBlu Touchbook G7
Blu Slim TVBlu Brilliant
Blu TV2Go LiteBlu TV2Go
Blu Disco2GO IIBlu Click
Blu Samba QBlu Deejay
Blu SpeedBlu Tango
Blu UltraBlu Smart
Blu TattooBlu Samba Mini
Blu SambaBlu Flash
Blu CuboBlu Deejay II
Blu Tattoo TVBlu Bar Q
Blu Diesel 3GBlu Lindy
Blu TouchBlu Swing
Blu MagicBlu Samba JR
Blu Deejay TouchBlu Samba Elite
Blu Deejay FlipBlu Tattoo Mini
Blu Studio 7.0 IIBlu Vivo Selfie
Blu Studio C Super CameraBlu Energy X Plus
Blu Studio C 5 + 5 LTEBlu Studio C 5 + 5
Blu Studio 5.5C Blu Life 8 XL
Blu Advance 4.0 LBlu Studio C
Blu Life One (2015)Blu Win HD LTE
Blu Life One XLBlu Selfie
Blu Studio EnergyBlu Studio G
Blu Studio X PlusBlu Win JR LTE
Blu Vivo AirBlu Studio X
Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTEBlu Studio Mini LTE
Blu Studio 7.0Blu Life View 8.0
Blu Studio 6.0 LTEBlu Deco Pro
Blu SparkBlu Deco XT
Blu Deco MiniBlu Deco
Blu NeoBlu Electro
Blu Neo XTBlu Neo Pro
Blu TankBlu Touch Book 7.0
Blu Studio 5.3Blu Jenny
Blu HeroBlu Vivo 4.3
Blu Jenny TVBlu Dash
Blu Dash 3.5Blu Elite 3.8
Blu Touch Book 7.0 LiteBlu Touch Book 7.0 Plus
Blu Touch Book 9.7Blu Vivo 4.65 HD
Blu BrooklynBlu Dash 4.0
Blu Dash 3.2Blu Hero II
Blu Quattro 4.5Blu Quattro 4.5 HD
Blu Life PlayBlu Quattro 5.7 HD
Blu Life OneBlu Studio 5.3 II
Blu Diva XBlu Tank 4.5
Blu Dash MusicBlu Studio 5.0 S
Blu Life ViewBlu Tattoo S
Blu DivaBlu Studio 5.0
Blu Studio 5.3 SBlu Dash 4.5
Blu Dash JRBlu Amour
Blu ZoeyBlu Dash 5.0
Blu Dash Music JRBlu Dash Music 4.0
Blu Sport 4.5Blu Jenny TV 2.8
Blu Win JRBlu Dash C Music
Blu Life Play MiniBlu Win HD
Blu Studio 5.0 C HDBlu Studio C Mini
Blu Vivo IVBlu Studio 5.0 C
Blu Studio 5.0 CEBlu Life 8
Blu Studio 5.0 LTEBlu Life Pure XL
Blu Studio 6.0 HDBlu Neo 4.5
Blu Neo 3.5Blu Studio 5.0 S II
Blu Life Pure MiniBlu Studio 5.0 E
Blu Life One MBlu Studio 5.5 S
Blu Life One XBlu Vivo 4.8 HD
Blu Life Play XBlu Life View Tab
Blu Life PureBlu Life Play S
Blu Studio 5.0 IIBlu Advance 4.0
Blu Studio 5.5Blu Life Pro
Blu Samba WBlu Samba TV

Photos of Blu different types of phones

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