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Full List of Gigabyte Phone Models, Smartphone Lineup and Tablet Model Range

Full List of Gigabyte Phone Models

Gigabyte Official Logo of the Company

Gigabyte Technology Co, Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer and seller of computer hardware products. They are primarily known to create motherboards which has reached over 4.8 million in pieces in the first quarter of 2015. They have actually outrun another big motherboard and smartphone manufacturer, Asus Company, in about 300,000 more units.

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Gigabyte is actually ranked on the 17th spot on Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands in 2010. This list was juried and tallied by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. Gigabyte, with their large sales and market shares, is actually held and traded on Taiwan’s stock exchange.

Gigabyte was founded in 1986 by Pei-Cheng Yeh. The hardware parts manufactured by Gigabyte are used by large computer manufacturers including Origin PC, Alienware, and Falcon Northwest. One of the most liked features among Gigabyte motherboards is their ultra-durability. They also boast their “All Solid Capacitors” design.

List of Gigabyte Phone Models

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In 2006, Gigabyte partnered with ASUS. A year after, they launched the first ever computer power supply controlled by software. They also made way to discover a method on how to charge the famous iDevices, iPad and iPhone from Apple Inc., right on a computer without requiring an external power supply.

Some old Gigabyte phone models include the GSmart G1305 Boston, GSmart S1205, GSmart G1315 Skate, GSmart G1310, GSmart M3447, GSmart G1342 Houston, GSmart G1345, GSmart G1362, Smart GS202, GSmart Rio R1, GSmart Simba SX1. GSmart Sierra S1, GSmart Tuku T2, GSmart Aku A1, GSmart Roma R2, and the GSmart Maya M1.

Gigabyte’s latest phones include the GSmart Essence 4 which was released in the fourth quarter of 2015. It has a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display running in a Dual-Core 1.0GHz processor, the GSmart Classic Lite, which was released a month after the Essence 4. It has a 5-inch display that runs on Android KitKat with a quad-core processor and dual-sim capability.

Here is the complete list of all Gigabyte phone models:

Gigiabyte GSmart Essence 4Gigiabyte GSmart G1310
Gigiabyte GSmart Classic LiteGigiabyte GSmart G1317 Rola
Gigiabyte GSmart EssenceGigiabyte GSmart G1315 Skate
Gigiabyte GSmart ClassicGigiabyte GSmart S1205
Gigiabyte GSmart Guru GXGigiabyte GSmart G1305 Boston
Gigiabyte GSmart Mika MXGigiabyte GSmart MS802
Gigiabyte GSmart Roma RXGigiabyte GSmart MW702
Gigiabyte GSmart Akta A4Gigiabyte GSmart S1200
Gigiabyte GSmart Mika M3Gigiabyte GSmart MS820
Gigiabyte GSmart GX2Gigiabyte GSmart MW998
Gigiabyte GSmart Guru (White Edition)Gigiabyte GSmart MS800
Gigiabyte GSmart T4 (Lite Edition)Gigiabyte GSmart MW700
Gigiabyte GSmart Arty A3Gigiabyte GSmart
Gigiabyte GSmart Mika M2Gigiabyte GSmart i350
Gigiabyte GSmart T4Gigiabyte GSmart q60
Gigiabyte GSmart Saga S3Gigiabyte GSmart t600
Gigiabyte GSmart Rey R3Gigiabyte GSmart i120
Gigiabyte GSmart GuruGigiabyte GSmart i300
Gigiabyte GSmart Alto A2Gigiabyte GSmart 2005
Gigiabyte GSmart Roma R2Gigiabyte GSmart i
Gigiabyte GSmart Aku A1Gigiabyte GSmart i (128)
Gigiabyte GSmart Tuku T2Gigiabyte g-YoYo
Gigiabyte GSmart Maya M1 v2Gigiabyte g-Cam
Gigiabyte GSmart Sierra S1Gigiabyte Barbie
Gigiabyte GSmart Simba SX1Gigiabyte g-re (b)
Gigiabyte GSmart Maya M1Gigiabyte g-re (o)
Gigiabyte GSmart Rio R1Gigiabyte Snoopy
Gigiabyte GSmart GS202Gigiabyte Keroro
Gigiabyte GSmart G1362Gigiabyte Doraemon
Gigiabyte GSmart G1355Gigiabyte g-X5
Gigiabyte GSmart G1345Gigiabyte GSmart M3447
Gigiabyte GSmart G1342 Houston

Photos of Gigabyte’s different types of phones

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