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Full List of NEC Phone Models, Smartphone Lineup and Tablet Model Range

Full List of NEC Phone Models

NEC official logo of the company

NEC is a multinational information technology service and products distributor based in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. They provide network and software solutions to businesses and enterprises. They were actually the biggest PC vendor in the 1980s in Japan. They are initially known as the Nippon Electric Company Ltd. The rebranding happened in 1983 when they were named just NEC.

NEC was founded way back in 1989 by two businessmen Kunihiko Iwadare and Takeshiro Maeda. The former acted as the representative partner while the latter handled the sales of the whole company.

The company started with the production, sales, and maintenance of switches and telephones. Their production facilities were located at Mita Plant. It was redesigned and completed in 1902. The Japanese Ministry of Communications absorbed a new technology, the common battery switchboard which was supplied and released by NEC in 1903.

NEC phone models

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NEC began the exports of their telephones in 1904 in China.

In 1987, a new leg of NEC began in the United Kingdom and called it NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd. It was established to manufacture and sell VCRs, computer monitors, printers, and mobile phones for the Europe area.

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Due to the large number of markets grabbed by Apple and Samsung, NEC had to cut 10,000 jobs from their worldwide headquarters. This was also caused by the huge loss on NEC’s financial statement following the economic crisis in Europe.

But the PC server manufacturing and market in Japan did not slope down. NEC was the biggest server manufacturer in Japan in 2013 with a huge 23.6% market share.

NEC’s phones included the NEC MobilePro, a mobile computer running in Windows CE. They also launched the NEC Aspire hybrid, a small business phone. NEC also sells desktop phones connected to PCs and provide crystal clear communication between people inside and outside the organization.

Here is the complete list of all NEC phone models:

NEC 804NNEC N900iG
NEC N200NEC N940
NEC N930NEC e1108
NEC N344iNEC e540/N411i
NEC N500NEC Terrain
NEC N400iNEC N850
NEC N401iNEC N110
NEC N109NEC e101
NEC e238NEC N750
NEC N840NEC N908
NEC N600iNEC N160
NEC N150NEC e121
NEC N500iSNEC N100
NEC e949/L1NEC N500i
NEC e353NEC 802
NEC N342iNEC N920
NEC e228NEC N410i
NEC N620NEC N343i
NEC e636NEC N331i
NEC N610NEC N910
NEC N900NEC e373
NEC e313NEC e338
NEC N938NEC N830
NEC e122NEC N820
NEC N710NEC N700
NEC c616vNEC e616
NEC e606NEC e808
NEC e808yNEC N223i
NEC N341iNEC N600
NEC e232NEC e525
NEC N22iNEC e530
NEC DB6000NEC DB7000
NEC DB4100NEC DB5000
NEC N630NEC N21i
NEC N923

Photos of NEC different types of phones

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