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Apple Watch: Phone Models in 2014, Smartphone Lineup and Tablet Model Range

Apple Watch: Phone Models in 2014

Apple Watch: Phone Models in 2014

Every year, one of the most anticipated news for techies all around the world is what would Apple launch this time? With rumors circulating around as early as last year, anticipation has built steadily, and people have had to wait for Apple, watch phone models that are slated for a 2014 release, and just hope in vain that it won’t cause them an arm and a leg.

Now that 2014 is here, the iPhone models that have been released so far have received mixed reviews from critics and the public. For instance, the iPhone 5c was welcomed quite positively because it comes in different bright colors and are targeted to a much younger iPhone users. Plus, its quirky ad further proves that it caters to a more hip audience.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5s is much more sophisticated, sleek, and smart. At first look, you can already identify who it’s targeted for. First of all, it comes in gold, silver, and graphite-not in the bright colors in which the iPhone 5c comes.

That tells you something about Apple-watch phone models from other brands to look all the same, but Apple clearly distinguishes between two different target markets, and that’s what make them special. Apple recognizes that iPhone users are so diverse when it comes to needs, personalities and financial capabilities that they didn’t dare release just one new iPhone model at the first quarter of the year.

Apple keeps introducing new innovations year on year that it becomes more exciting to guess what they will have to offer in the next few years. Apple watch phone, anyone?

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