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Full List of ZTE Phone Models, Smartphone Lineup and Tablet Model Range

Full List of ZTE Phone Models

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ZTE is a telecommunications giant headquartered in China. It provides worldwide services and has partnered with various national telecommunications companies all over the world. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before it produced its own line of products, such as high-powered, features-laden Android mobile phones.

And the latest list of ZTE phone models is pretty notable, not to mention more affordable than its more popular contemporaries that are out in the market today.

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The latest in the list of ZTE phone models is the ZTE Grand S Flex, which was released only this November 2013. It has an internal memory of 16GB with 1GB of RAM. It runs on Android Jellybean OS, has an 8MP primary camera and a 1MP front camera, plus a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU. It’s sleek and simple, with helpful features.

Another that tops the ZTE phone models is the ZTE Blade Q Maxi, which was announced in October 2013. The phone’s specs are slightly inferior to that of the Grand S Flex, but considering its price and the features that come with it, it’s also a good deal for those looking for a decent-priced Android smartphone. The Blade Q Maxi has 4GB of internal memory, 5MP primary camera and a VGA front camera, and a 1.3 GHz CPU.

ZTE Phone Models List

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Whatever features you’re looking for in a smart phone, ZTE has a wide variety of new models to choose from. And the upside is that most of their current models are way cheaper than contemporaries such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4. In other words, ZTE phone models could appeal the most to more practical users today.

Here is the complete list of all ZTE phone models:

ZTE Zmax ProZTE Vital N9810
ZTE nubia N1ZTE Grand X Pro
ZTE nubia Z11 MaxZTE Grand X2 In
ZTE Axon 7ZTE Grand X Quad V987
vGrand X Max 2ZTE Blade III Pro
ZTE nubia Z11ZTE Geek V975
ZTE nubia Z11 miniZTE Grand Memo V9815
ZTE Blade L5 PlusZTE Open
ZTE Blade V PlusZTE Blade C V807
ZTE Blade V7ZTE Director
ZTE Blade A2ZTE V81
ZTE Blade V7 LiteZTE Grand S
ZTE Axon MaxZTE Avid 4G
ZTE nubia Prague SZTE V889M
ZTE Grand X 3ZTE V887
ZTE Avid PlusZTE Kis III V790
ZTE Blade X9ZTE nubia Z5
ZTE Blade X5ZTE Flash
ZTE Blade X3ZTE Anthem 4G
ZTE Axon WatchZTE Warp Sequent
ZTE AxonZTE Grand Era U895
ZTE Blade S7ZTE Blade III
ZTE Axon miniZTE Grand X IN
ZTE Zmax 2ZTE N880E
ZTE Axon EliteZTE Grand X LTE T82
ZTE nubia My PragueZTE Grand X V970
ZTE Axon LuxZTE U880E
ZTE Boost Max+ZTE Score M
ZTE Blade A460ZTE Light Tab 300
ZTE Blade D6ZTE V96
ZTE Axon ProZTE PF 100
ZTE Blade A410ZTE T98
ZTE ObsidianZTE Light Tab 3 V9S
ZTE Grand X2ZTE Era
ZTE Sonata 2ZTE PF112 HD
ZTE Blade Apex 3ZTE Skate Acqua
ZTE MavenZTE Orbit
ZTE Blade Q ProZTE Kis V788
ZTE Blade Qlux 4GZTE V880E
ZTE nubia Z9ZTE Nova 3.5
ZTE Blade S6 PlusZTE Nova 4 V8000
ZTE nubia Z9 MaxZTE Nova Messenger
ZTE nubia Z9 miniZTE Style Q
ZTE Open LZTE Style Messanger
ZTE Grand S3ZTE V875
ZTE Blade L3 PlusZTE Blade II V880+
ZTE Blade L3ZTE N910
ZTE Blade G LuxZTE PF200
ZTE Blade GZTE Optik
ZTE V5 LuxZTE Light Tab 2 V9A
ZTE Blade S6ZTE Light Tab V9C
ZTE Imperial IIZTE FTV Phone
ZTE Grand X Max+ZTE Chorus
ZTE Star 2ZTE Memo
ZTE Grand X Plus Z826ZTE Tania
ZTE SpeedZTE Warp
ZTE Grand S IIZTE Score
ZTE Grand S ProZTE Avail
ZTE ZingerZTE V9+
ZTE Grand XmaxZTE V9
ZTE ZmaxZTE N721
ZTE Blade Vec 4GZTE Skate
ZTE Blade Vec 3GZTE V821
ZTE Kis 3 MaxZTE Amigo
ZTE nubia Z5S mini NX405HZTE Racer II
ZTE nubia Z7ZTE U900
ZTE nubia Z7 MaxZTE Libra
ZTE nubia Z7 miniZTE Rio
ZTE Blade L2ZTE Blade
ZTE Kis 3ZTE Sage
ZTE Blade G2ZTE X990D
ZTE Redbull V5 V9180ZTE N290
ZTE Star 1ZTE N280
ZTE nubia X6ZTE R230
ZTE Grand Memo II LTEZTE R228 Dual SIM
ZTE Open CZTE R228
ZTE Iconic PhabletZTE R220
ZTE Sonata 4GZTE S213
ZTE Grand S II S291ZTE Salute F350
ZTE nubia Z5SZTE F107
ZTE nubia Z5S mini NX403AZTE E N72
ZTE Grand S FlexZTE Racer
ZTE Blade Q MaxiZTE F951
ZTE Blade QZTE X990
ZTE Blade Q MiniZTE Bingo
ZTE Warp 4GZTE X760
ZTE Blade VZTE E811
ZTE Blade G V880GZTE Raise
ZTE ReefZTE Xiang
ZTE ImperialZTE A261
ZTE S302ZTE F870
ZTE F233ZTE F600
ZTE F912ZTE F103
ZTE F952ZTE F101
ZTE F928ZTE F100
ZTE Coral200 Sollar

Photos of ZTE’s different types of phones

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