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List of Phone Models

Full List of Nokia Phone Models, Smartphone Lineup and Tablet Model Range

Full List of Nokia Phone Models

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The latest list of Nokia phone models is sleek, functional and easy on the eyes. The fact that Nokia runs on a Microsoft 8 operating system still sparks some debate among users. Android fanatics find Nokia’s resistance to adopt the technology a bit doubtful, although there are also many users who consider Nokia a welcome change in the whole smartphone industry.

Nokia’s latest flagship models, the Lumia 928 and the Lumia 925 have two major awesome features that will make even those who are not fans of the Windows phone excited. The phone features a Xenon flash for photography – which translates to amazing, high quality photos in a neat package. Plus, the Lumia 928 has 4G LTE data connectivity that will allow users to have exceptional browsing speed anytime, anywhere.

The two features are undoubtedly attractive selling points for the Windows phone. Not to mention, the sleek design and the considerably large screen of the phone aren’t bad, either. The Lumia could have had it worse, but with these two features, it has found its rightful place in the market for sought-after, quality phones in 2013.

Nokia Phone Models List

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The Lumia 928 is currently locked to Verizon’s 4G LTE network, so the downside is that those who are planning to give the phone a try will have to get a two-year contract with Verizon. The good news is that it could be a good deal. And if skepticism wins over, there are others that are worth a try in the lost of Nokia phone models that aren’t locked to a specific network.

Here is the complete list of all Nokia phone models:

Nokia N8Nokia X2
Nokia 230Nokia 105 Dual SIM (2015)
Nokia 222 Dual SIMNokia 105 (2015)
Nokia 215 Dual SIMNokia 215
Nokia Lumia 638Nokia N1
Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIMNokia Lumia 830
Nokia Lumia 735Nokia 130 Dual SIM
Nokia 130Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM
Nokia Lumia 530Nokia X2 Dual SIM
Nokia 225Nokia 225 Dual SIM
Nokia Lumia 635Nokia Lumia 930
Nokia Lumia 630Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM
Nokia X+Nokia XL
Nokia XNokia Asha 230
Nokia 220Nokia Lumia Icon
Nokia Lumia 525Nokia Lumia 2520
Nokia Lumia 1320Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Asha 503 Dual SIMNokia Asha 503
Nokia Asha 502 Dual SIMNokia Asha 500 Dual SIM
Nokia Asha 500Nokia 108 Dual SIM
Nokia 515Nokia 107 Dual SIM
Nokia 106Nokia Nokia Lumia 625
Nokia 208Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 928Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Asha 210Nokia 207
Nokia Lumia 720Nokia Asha 501
Nokia 301Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia Asha 310Nokia 105
Nokia Lumia 620Nokia Lumia 505
Nokia 114Nokia 206
Nokia Asha 205Nokia 109
Nokia Lumia 510Nokia Lumia 822
Nokia Asha 309Nokia Lumia 810
Nokia Lumia 920Nokia Asha 308
Nokia Asha 311Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Asha 305Nokia Asha 306
Nokia 112Nokia 113
Nokia 110Nokia 111
Nokia Lumia 610 NFCNokia 103
Nokia 800cNokia 808 PureView
Nokia Asha 203Nokia Asha 302
Nokia Asha 202Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 900Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T
Nokia Lumia 710 T-MobileNokia Lumia 800
Nokia 801TNokia X2-02
Nokia Lumia 710Nokia Asha 200
Nokia Asha 201Nokia Asha 303
Nokia Asha 300Nokia 603
Nokia C2-05Nokia C5-05
Nokia C5-06Nokia X2-05
Nokia C5-04Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition
Nokia 701Nokia 101
Nokia 700Nokia 100
Nokia 600Nokia 500
Nokia N9Nokia C5 5MP
Nokia C2-06Nokia C2-03
Nokia 702TNokia C2-02
Nokia N950Nokia T7
Nokia X1-01Nokia Oro
Nokia E6Nokia X7-00
Nokia C2-01Nokia C7 Astound
Nokia X1-00Nokia C5-03
Nokia X2-01Nokia E7
Nokia C7Nokia C6-01
Nokia C3-01 Touch and TypeNokia 5250
Nokia X3-02 Touch and TypeNokia X3 Touch and Type S
Nokia X5-01Nokia X6 8GB
Nokia E73 ModeNokia 5233
Nokia C1-01Nokia C2-00
Nokia C1-02Nokia C1-00
Nokia N8Nokia X2-00
Nokia C6Nokia E5
Nokia C3Nokia C5
Nokia 6303i classicNokia 5132 XpressMusic
Nokia X6 16GBNokia 2710 Navigation Edition
Nokia X6Nokia 6700 slide
Nokia 7230Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition
Nokia 2690Nokia 2220 slide
Nokia 1616Nokia 1800
Nokia 5235 Comes With MusicNokia 1280
Nokia X3Nokia 6788
Nokia N97 miniNokia N900
Nokia 5230Nokia 3208c
Nokia 5800 Navigation EditionNokia 6350
Nokia MuralNokia 6760 slide
Nokia 3720 classicNokia 6790 Surge
Nokia 5530 XpressMusicNokia E72
Nokia 3710 foldNokia 6730 classic
Nokia 6600i slideNokia 7020
Nokia 2720 foldNokia 2730 classic
Nokia E52Nokia 6216 classic
Nokia 5030 XpressRadioNokia 5730 XpressMusic
Nokia 5330 XpressMusicNokia N86 8MP
Nokia E55Nokia 6720 classic
Nokia 6710 NavigatorNokia E75
Nokia 6700 classicNokia 5630 XpressMusic
Nokia 2700 classicNokia 6303 classic
Nokia 8800 Gold ArteNokia 6208c
Nokia 6260 slideNokia N97
Nokia E63Nokia 7100 Supernova
Nokia 2330 classicNokia 5130 XpressMusic
Nokia 2323 classicNokia 1662
Nokia 1661Nokia 1202
Nokia 5800 XpressMusicNokia N85
Nokia N79Nokia 7510 Supernova
Nokia 7310 SupernovaNokia E71
Nokia 7210 SupernovaNokia 3610 fold
Nokia E66Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte
Nokia 7610 SupernovaNokia 6600 fold
Nokia 703Nokia 6600 slide
Nokia 3600 slideNokia 5320 XpressMusic
Nokia 5220 XpressMusicNokia 6212 classic
Nokia 7070 PrismNokia 5000
Nokia 2680 slideNokia N96
Nokia 6300iNokia 1680 classic
Nokia 6220 classicNokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia N78Nokia 6124 classic
Nokia 2110Nokia 3110
Nokia 6110Nokia 8110
Nokia 5110Nokia 6130
Nokia 6150Nokia 3210
Nokia 9110i CommunicatorNokia 9000 Communicator
Nokia 6210Nokia 7110
Nokia 6250Nokia 8810
Nokia 8850Nokia 8210
Nokia 9210 CommunicatorNokia 3310
Nokia 8250Nokia 8890
Nokia 3350Nokia 3330
Nokia 8310Nokia 6310
Nokia 5510Nokia 6500
Nokia 6510Nokia 5210
Nokia 8910Nokia 8855
Nokia 7650Nokia 3510
Nokia 3410Nokia 6310i
Nokia 3610Nokia 7210
Nokia 9210i CommunicatorNokia 6610
Nokia 3530Nokia 3510i
Nokia 2100Nokia 5100
Nokia 3650Nokia 6650
Nokia 6100Nokia 6800
Nokia 8910iNokia 7250
Nokia N-GageNokia 6650 fold
Nokia N82Nokia 1209
Nokia 8800 Sapphire ArteNokia 3110 Evolve
Nokia 3555Nokia 3120 classic
Nokia 6600 Nokia 2600 classic
Nokia 3100Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism
Nokia 7250iNokia 6620
Nokia 3300Nokia 6220
Nokia 1100Nokia 6108
Nokia 3200Nokia 2300
Nokia 7600Nokia 3660
Nokia 6810Nokia 6230
Nokia 6820Nokia 7700
Nokia 3108Nokia 6610i
Nokia 7200Nokia 5140
Nokia 7610Nokia 9500
Nokia 3120Nokia N-Gage QD
Nokia 3220Nokia 2600
Nokia 7280Nokia 2650
Nokia 6670Nokia 3230
Nokia 7260Nokia 7270
Nokia 6260Nokia 9300
Nokia 6170Nokia 6630
Nokia 3128Nokia 6020
Nokia 7710Nokia 6822
Nokia 6681Nokia 6101
Nokia 6030Nokia 6680
Nokia 6230iNokia 6021
Nokia 5140iNokia 8800
Nokia 1101Nokia 7370
Nokia 2652Nokia 1110
Nokia N70Nokia 7360
Nokia 6111Nokia 1600
Nokia 6708Nokia 7380
Nokia 6270Nokia N71
Nokia 6280Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia 6060Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia N91Nokia N81
Nokia N90Nokia 6263
Nokia 3250Nokia 6301
Nokia E60Nokia E51
Nokia E61Nokia E51 camera-free
Nokia E62Nokia 8800 Arte
Nokia E70Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
Nokia 6555Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
Nokia 8600 LunaNokia 6500 classic
Nokia 7900 PrismNokia 7500 Prism
Nokia 6500 slideNokia N810
Nokia 2630Nokia 3500 classic
Nokia 6267Nokia N87
Nokia 2660Nokia 2760
Nokia 1208Nokia 1650
Nokia 6121 classicNokia 1200
Nokia 5700 Nokia 6120 classic
Nokia N77Nokia N76
Nokia 6290Nokia N93i
Nokia 6086Nokia E65
Nokia 6300Nokia E90
Nokia 2626Nokia 5070
Nokia 6110 NavigatorNokia E61i
Nokia N95Nokia N800
Nokia 3110 classicNokia 3109 classic
Nokia N75Nokia 5300
Nokia 6288Nokia 5200
Nokia 8800 SiroccoNokia 6085
Nokia 7373Nokia 7390
Nokia 6080Nokia 6151
Nokia E50Nokia 1110i
Nokia N93Nokia 5500 Sport
Nokia N72Nokia N73
Nokia 2610Nokia 2310
Nokia 1112Nokia 6136
Nokia 6133Nokia 6131
Nokia 6126Nokia 6070
Nokia 6125Nokia 6103
Nokia 6233Nokia 6234
Nokia 6282Nokia 9300i
Nokia N92Nokia N80
Nokia 230 Dual SIMNokia 222

Photos of Nokia’s different types of phones

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